With the first day of build season over and done its time to reflect on Stronghold!

Yesterday was a busy day filled with strategy, design, and building! We analyzed point distribution and value. Through our discussions we decided that being able to consistently cross a defense and possibly score in autonomous was the most valuable. Through analyzing the defenses, the consensus was that we should have large wheels that would be able to cross multiple defenses such as the Moat, Ramparts, and Rough Terrain. With most of the defense obstacles we have figured out a way to overcome them, either individually or with the help of an alliance member.

Through this analysis our design goals where more thought out. We wanted to make sure that we had a bot that would be able to consistently go under the low bar, as a reliable way to get from the Neutral Zone to the Courtyard and back. This limited our height to a peak of 16”, with the angle of the ramp the front and back of our robot have to be less than that. To accomplish the Cheval de Frise we wanted an arm that would push all the boards down so we could drive over them easily. We are hoping to make this arm a wedge like piece that will lift the Portcullis just enough for us to drive under it. We choose to go with 8” pneumatic wheels to give us increased clearance while going over the Rough Terrain. The only defense that our robot with questionably get over is the Rock Wall, we will see how it does after we get our prototype going.

We have gotten the drive base completed, we choose to go with the AM14U3 base from Andy Mark. We installed a basic drive train program on it and completed a full roborio control system test. We ended the day beginning to work on the build manipulator and the electronics board.

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Check out our Day 1 update video here and meet our team members here with this video!